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SPRUCE | Dish Cloth

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SPRUCE | Dish Cloth
SPRUCE | Dish Cloth
SPRUCE | Dish Cloth
SPRUCE | Dish Cloth
SPRUCE | Dish Cloth

SPRUCE eco dishcloths are the perfect alternative to synthetic sponges. Fight the war on waste everyday with this award-winning, reusable alternative.

Get your countertops sparkling with this durable wash cloth. Better yet, it references iconic '80s pop tunes meaning you can bring a "new wave" of clean to your home.

Whether you're trying to pawn work off on a lazy so-and-so or simply need a firm reminder yourself, these passive aggressive wash cloths will send a strong message. Plus, people tend to scrub harder when they're annoyed.

Saying: Make Me Moist

✔ SUPER ABSORBENT: Washing dishes & cleaning up just got easier. SPRUCE are more absorbent than the best sponge, and more versatile than a microfibre cloth. These Swedish dishcloths are made of a patented cellulose + cotton blend that can absorb more than 20 times its weight in liquid.

✔ REUSABLE: Step aside paper towels. Clean up, then just throw in the wash. Lasts 200+ machine or dishwasher cleans.

✔ MULTI-PURPOSE: Safe for all surfaces (marble, stainless, wood, tile and glass). Soft to touch when wet, and a great non-scratch scrubber when dry.

✔ EASY EFFECTIVE CLEANING: Fast drying, slime and smell free! This easy swap is planet friendly. 

✔ HOME COMPOSTABLE: Made from natural, sustainable materials. Last up to a year and are completely biodegradable.

Size 17 x 20cm 

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