3Bee - Manuka Honey Cleanser

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3Bee - Manuka Honey Cleanser

Refresh and Revive foam cleanser with uplifting and hydrating Palmarosa. A gentle, non drying cleanser that does its job on all skin types including those prone to redness or extra sensitive. Follow with 3Bee Manuka Honey Serum and Manuka Honey Moisturiser for a healthy glow and happy skin.

Look no further for a foaming cleanser that cleanses without drying or harsh effects on the skin.  Manuka Honey for cleansing is a star ingredient working to draw out bacteria, great for acne or redness prone skin as it helps to heal congested pores, promotes skin regeneration and encourages the repair of cellular damage.  Manuka Honey will hold moisture in without making the skin oily and inhibits MMP. Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMP’s) are an enzyme which as we age are responsible for destroying collagen. Balanced with Palmarosa, a natural skin hydrating oil with an uplifting fragrance, this ingredient excels at maintaining a healthy complexion and stimulates cellular regeneration.  

Plantapon SF is a rich, dense foam that is ideal for sensitive or problem skin with fantastic cleansing properties, leaving the skin smooth and moist.    

Laracare A200 a moisture control formulation helps to improve appearance of skins superficial fine lines. 

Approved by Ecocert for use in eco and organic certified cosmetics it works harmoniously with our star ingredients Manuka Honey and Palmarosa. 


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