3Bee - Manuka Honey Moisturiser

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3Bee - Manuka Honey Moisturiser

Total Daily Nourishment with hydrating Palmarosa. All you need for a daily moisturiser that is kind to all skin types and promotes a healthy glow without being oily. Skin feels nourished and smooth with moisturiser thats working for you while you charge through the day. Cleanse with 3Bee Manuka Honey Cleanser before moisturising for a healthy glow and happy skin.

We all have sensitive skin, just different phases depending on our age, so we selected a collection of skin loving oils including olive fruit oil, Shea butter and coconut oil, blended with our star ingredients Manuka Honey and Palmarosa, the ‘glow’ ingredients we like to call them as they both bring a healthy glow to the skin.  Manuka Honey is such a versatile product that contains high levels of amino acids, vitamin B and Minerals that heals blemishes, eases skin redness and soothes inflamed skin, balancing the skins PH levels.  Manuka Honey draws moisture to the skin which helps elasticity and cell regeneration. 

Palmarosa balances oil production in the skin and is renowned for being a natural hydrator that stimulates cellular regeneration.  Skin excels at maintaining a healthy complexion  and with palmarosa’s natural uplifting fragrance it can be enjoyed by men and woman of all ages. 

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