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Bubble On - Giant bubble kit

Little Beehive

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Bubble On - Giant bubble kit
Bubble On - Giant bubble kit
Bubble On - Giant bubble kit
Wanna make some of the biggest, most iridescent bubbles you’ve ever seen? Everything you need is included in this handmade in NZ kit.

* 2 x 250ml bottles of Bubbleosity Bubble Mixture Concentrate - makes 2 litres of bubble mixture
* Magic Wand ~ 60cm length. Handmade from dowel, cotton rope & string
* Recipe to make more bubble mixture
* Full set of instructions & handy tips

WARNING: bubble making is highly addictive!!!

* entertaining kids for hours & hours & hours
* kids parties & big kids parties
* relaxation & stress relief for busy parents
* flash backs from those long ago dance parties & festivals
* soothing the soul through technicolour bubble therapy

Check out my VIDEO here:

Best from 4 years & up

Bubble on!

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