Fingers Crossed Candle

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Fingers Crossed Candle
Fingers Crossed Candle

Bring good luck to your home with the Fingers Crossed candle. Life-sized and realistic in texture, this handmade unscented candle is available in several colours and makes a great gift idea.

Candle Hand are unique and expressive hand gesture candles. Each and every candle is 100% handmade, so they will each have differences, that is what makes each one special. The shape is an exact copy of a real hand - actual human hand size complete with skin texture and lines. Packaged in a beautiful gift box.

The wick runs through the full height of each candle. Due to the shape wax will spill when candle is burning so please burn on a non-burning surface.

  • Dimensions: 25x11.5x9.5cm


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