Kauri Faceted Vase — Small

Gwyneth Hulse

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Kauri Faceted Vase — Small
Kauri Faceted Vase — Small
Kauri Faceted Vase — Small

The natural beauty of this handcrafted Kāuri vase makes a stunning statement in your home. It looks perfect with a bold display of flowers or greenery.

Kāuri is one of the largest and longest-living trees in the world.  Giant Kāuri once dominated the northern regions of New Zealand – Māori built war canoes from the tall straight trunks and Europeans milled the wood for houses and boats and used the gum in varnish.  These days Kāuri are protected and it is a rare occasion when a tree is able to be milled.  Kāuri is a straight grained timber with swirling stump wood.  Colours come in hues of yellow to brown.

See second image for available colours

– Height: 17cm high (approx)
– Finished with a natural beeswax polish.
– A removable glass tube is provided to hold water.

Please note: Due to the handmade process and characteristics of the wood, the facets on each vase will be different to the one pictured giving you a unique and individual vase.

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