Men's Society | Bike Riders Essentials Kit

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Men's Society | Bike Riders Essentials Kit

This gift set is made with lycra-clad heroes in mind. It comes with a hand-blended muscle rub and, er, chafing cream. The muscle rub is blended with invigorating ginger, peppermint and black pepper. The chafing cream soothes with rosemary and sunflower seed oil.


  • Waterproof poncho. No fair-weather cyclists here.
  • Muscle rub. Blended by hand with ginger, peppermint, lavender and black pepper. Designed to soothe and re-energise his screaming muscles.
  • Chafing cream. The less said about this the better. But it's all-natural, made from great things like grape oil and rosemary leaf extract. And he will be very, very thankful for it.
  • Bike Saddle Cleaning Fluid. Take pride in your saddle

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