Natalie Kere | Aotea Large Gold Hoop Earrings

Natalie Walker

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Natalie Kere | Aotea Large Gold Hoop Earrings

An incredibly rare stone, aotea comes from a single river in Westland - the only place in the world where it can be found. Comprised of fuchsite, kyanite, and quartz, aotea is also known as bluestone due to its brilliant hues that can range from icy blue to deep turquoise. Softer than pounamuaotea is generally regarded as a feminine stone, and frequently contains a gem-like glitter due to the mica contained within the quartz.

A grounding stone, aotea activates the heart and throat chakras and is said to release the inner goddess of its wearer.


3cm at longest point, 2cm at widest point

gold plated hoops 2cm diameter


I'm a Contemporary Maori Artist. I whakapapa to Ngāi Tahu and Ngāti Kuia.  I have always been drawn to creative outlets, especially art since a young age.   

My Dad is a Master Carver in Wood and Oamaru Stone. His passion for Māori Art has been passed down to me. My passion came from creating Pounamu (Greenstone) and other beautiful Stones, out of a two-pot epoxy resin, using spray cans to manipulate the pour to imitate stone. 

Currently, I have been adding to my creativity and have introduced carving contemporary jewellery from stones I have found. This has turned into an addictive passion I want to pursue more.

Learning more about my culture through Te Reo, Whanau and research I am further developing my cultural passion.  I hope others can feel the same way when viewing or purchasing my pieces. 

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