Natalie Kere | Garnet Pointed Drop #2

Natalie Walker

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Natalie Kere | Garnet Pointed Drop #2
Natalie Kere | Garnet Pointed Drop #2

This stunning necklace is handmade by artist Natalie Kere Walker.

Each item is individually handmade/carved from Garnet/Idocrase stone - this stone is found in the Nelson area, it is a translucent but durable stone that Natalie has chosen as to her it represents "passion and courage".

Garnet works with the senses and heightens awareness, motivation and confidence.

Each necklace comes with a care card and an description card, packaged in one of Natalies chosen gift boxes.

Dimensions: 6cm long 12mm wide, Thick Silver Chain 42cm end to end

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