Native Singing Cats Royal Sweatshirt, Pink/Green Metallic

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Native Singing Cats Royal Sweatshirt, Pink/Green Metallic
Native Singing Cats Royal Sweatshirt, Pink/Green Metallic
Native Singing Cats Royal Sweatshirt, Pink/Green Metallic

Many of you will have heard how nature is connected. There are small fish that zap around big fish and keep them clean, sea anemones that hitch around on the backs of crabs, and plants that will feed you in exchange for a good watering. On the mysterious island of Klah, a species of native singing cat is responsible for the blooming of many fruits and flowers. The sound of forty cats wailing together in an alleyway is not normally something anyone in their right mind would go out of their way to hear, but these particular cats are considered an audial delicacy, and draw crowds from distant lands who flock to the island at different times of the year to watch flowers unfurl and vegetables hurl themselves up from the earth, each to a different type of music. For example, when it is time for the parsnips to arise, the cats perform a jazzy funk number, and when it is time for the roses to bloom a tragic opera rings through the streets, because it is well known that roses love a good heroine death. There are love ballads to turn the lemons sour, psy-trance for the goji berries and cabbages are always up for a snazzy disco. The cats still sometimes fight as cats (and temperamental artists) do, they brawl over creative differences and who gets the lead part in musicals, but they fight to music so it becomes a beautiful rhythmic fight dance, throwing shapes not punches and swiping xylophones not faces. When the fight dances occur strange new varieties of plants are often born, such as corn cobs made of pearls, forests of broccoli so enormous that people build treehuts in the branches, and perhaps most importantly, a potent purple catnip with sardines for flowers, which fuels the cats and continues the cycle of beasts and birds and all things fruity in Klah, & thus, the world continues.

100% cotton handprinted sweatshirt (350 GSM) with neck and sleeve cuff ribbing, produced under ethical working conditions and printed using environmentally friendly, organic inks.

Comes with Native Singing Cats story-card and the Klah certified seal of authenticity.

Available in Black with metallic pink / green roses. This is an individual handprinted process so each metallic print will differ. 

Sizing guide in images.

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