Natural Fire Lighters | 10 Pack


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Natural Fire Lighters | 10 Pack

Hohepa Fire Lighters, ideal to start your fire or BBQ

10 pcs per bag

Creates a high and long lasting flame (approx. 10-15 minutes) – no paper, no kindling needed to start a fire or BBQ

Hohepa is a community for children and adults who have intellectual disabilities. Through living, working and taking an active part in community life alongside co-workers, residents grow to experience satisfying lives with as much independence as possible. For residents and staff, our Vision is that ‘every life is fully lived’.

The Candles Workshop in Napier is one of several work centres where people learn and master hand-crafts. Hohepa's mission is to bring a bright light into everybody’s life: the candle makers and our customers.
Candle-making is an ancient craft which connects a sense of aesthetics and beauty with a highly developed set of skills which suits the workers well – mostly adults with an intellectual disability. An environment of warmth and colour coupled with a measured working pace which engages and supports people in their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

  • Made from 100% local, recycled beeswax, paraffin and cotton wicking
  • Crafted with care to ensure a high quality
  • Created by the people we support, working in an Anthroposophical initiative

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