Nichola Earrings - Ngā Uara - Auahatanga


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Nichola Earrings - Ngā Uara - Auahatanga
Nichola Earrings - Ngā Uara - Auahatanga

The Collection Ngā Uara (Values) are based on the values that we at Nichola work (and live) by.

The creative and future thinking power within us is unleashed with this pattern. Auahatanga represents our creative juices and thinking outside of the box.

APPLICATION: Ear Hooks - Earring wire closed with a clasp
DIMENSIONS: 49 mm x 52 mm
MATERIAL: Brushed brass - Gold and/or silver plated.
HOOK: Nickle Free

 Nichola - Designs From Aotearoa

A natural creative all her life Nichola Te Kiri, founder of the company, explores narratives drawn from the environment around her as well as her heritage and upbringing

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