Palm Spear Candle | Eternal Embers

Eternal Embers

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Palm Spear Candle | Eternal Embers

The most divine smelling and attractive candle you could ask for!

Hand Poured in Nelson

16cm high

Eternal Embers small batch hand poured candles are made from a natural soy wax blend. These decorative candles fill your space with divine fragrance. Available in scented and unscented. Their elegant and eye catching hand made styles elevate any interior making them the perfect gift. 

Important Information 
All candles are handmade so they may have slight imperfections and colour variations
These candle are made for decorative purposes, however if you choose to burn them ensure you use a drip tray  

Candle Care
Trim wick 1/4” before each burn
Keep out of direct sunlight and heat (scented only)
WARNING: Never leave a burning candle unattended
Do not leave burning candles near any flammable materials
Use a drip tray when burning as natural oils may leave residue or stain surfaces
Do not burn for more than 4 hours

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