Piano Key Earrings with Guitar String Inlay

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Piano Key Earrings with Guitar String Inlay
Piano Key Earrings with Guitar String Inlay

These beautiful earrings are made from recycled black piano keys and guitar strings.

These are made from a old piano, that had unfortunately decayed beyond repair, made from the black keys that were still intact. I also used guitar strings as a detail on the earring, it is the cross section of the string.

Diameter of earrings 8mm

These earrings are beautiful tiny sculptures that you can wear.

Whats great about these

-Shaped by hand (no computerised laser cutting here)

-The posts are surgical stainless steel . Hypo-allergenic - be kind to your ears.

-they are super light you can wear these all day without discomfort.

- We use cardboard for transport packaging

- due to the nature of piano keys there are slight variations in tones of the wood. They should not be submerged in water as wood can swell.

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