PURE COMB | Honey Comb


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PURE COMB | Honey Comb
PURE COMB | Honey Comb
PURE COMB | Honey Comb
PURE COMB | Honey Comb

Every cell in this honeycomb is filled with a rich native bush blend honey, mainly manuka, rata and kamahi.
Comb honey tastes great with cheeses, bread and crackers, or with yogurt and desserts.

The eye catching wooden mini frame makes a boutique artisan addition to any party or breakfast buffet. Combine with a cheese board or pair with dessert.
Each and every frame is unique, just the way the bees made it in the hive, a work of art.

A lovely gift for weddings, birthdays and special occasions or for honey loving friends and family.

Each mini frame contains about 500g of native bush honey.
The frame comes in a protective neat gift box.

This is a eco-conscious product, the wood of the frame is sustainably harvested and the packaging is made of recycled materials.

And yes! You can eat the wax. The thin delicate wax used to build and seal honeycomb is totally edible.
Spreading it on warm toast will soften it, if you choose to eat it straight from the frame you might prefer to discard the wax after chewing out the honey.

The size of a frame is 16cm x 17,5cm.
The size of the gift box is 18,5cm x 21cm x 4,5cm.

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