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Rollaway Rollers - Essential Oils

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Rollaway Rollers - Essential Oils
Rollaway Rollers - Essential Oils
Rollaway Rollers - Essential Oils
Rollaway Rollers - Essential Oils

Rollaway Rollers are designed to give your body support and assist you in sleep, anxiety, headaches, growing pains, germs and much more!

Rollaway Rollers were created by two mothers, wives, dreamers, entrepreneurs who wanted a natural organic product that not only works but kids love using too!

We strive to bring you only the highest grade essential oil blends that we have hand crafted ourselves and now want to share with you!

ROLLAWAY GERMS This blend of antibacterial, germ fighting oils will give you that extra protection you need to fight off those bugs. So handy to have on hand to use as a sanitizer or boost your immunity.

ROLLAWAY OUCHIES Whether your child has scraped their knee, cut their finger or bruised their head Rollaway Ouchies can help. Using a specific blend of high quality essential oils, this roller can help reduce the redness,keep the area clean and hasten the healing time.

ROLLAWAY SICKNESS This blend was created to help keep you little one on track by encouraging a healthy immune system. Our kid’s immune systems are put under stress daily tension and worry from school and busy schedules.

ROLLAWAY HEADACHES The oils we choose for this blend help to relax you and your little one and alleviate head and neck tension

ROLLAWAY SORE TUMMY Rollaway sore tummy is the perfect choice to help alleviate the feeling of an upset tummy. This blend can be useful during long car rides,queasiness even for children that have trouble with regularity.

ROLLAWAY ITCHY The oils in this blend work together to help relieve the swelling, itching, redness, and discomfort associated with bug bites and minor skin irritations.

ROLLAWAY ANXIETY Rollaway Anxiety is one of our anxiety blends perfect for those times your child is feeling stressed and unsure.It is ideal for school, tests, traveling, meeting new people or anything else they might be struggling with.

ROLLAWAY WIDE EYES Does your child have occasional trouble calming down before bedtime?Rollaway wide eyes helps calm and relax the mind and body, guiding the way to a restful sleep.Roll onto your child’s chest or the back of their neck about 30 minutes before bedtime.

ROLLAWAY SNIFFLES Snotty noses are pretty common among young kids.The cool, crisp, clean winter forest aromas of the respiratory supporting essential oils in this blend are unmatched in helping to clear congestion and allowing your little one to breathe easier. Use this blend to help keep your child’s nose and respiratory tract clear.

ROLLAWAY EAR ACHE Children are especially susceptible to discomfort and congestion in the ear. Rollaway Ear Ache contains a combination of essential oils that work together to clear congestion, sanitize and sooth during times of discomfort.

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