Solmate Recycled Fiber Socks | Adults

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Solmate Recycled Fiber Socks | Adults
Solmate Recycled Fiber Socks | Adults

Making clothes is a dirty business. Textile manufacturing produces 10% of the world’s CO2 and 100 million tons of trash each year. We can do better. Which is why everything at Solmate Socks is made from recycled materials. We salvage scraps that would otherwise end up in landfills, respinning them into yarn, without dyes or chemicals. We throw nothing away.

The legacy of Solmate Socks reaches back two generations to the owner's Grandmother, known by the nickname “Sunny”. Grandma Sunny taught her daughter, Marianne Wakerlin, to knit when she was nine years old and the family lived in Spain. Those foundational knitting lessons inspired Marianne's lifetime devotion to fiber arts, and eventually led to her creating Solmate Socks.

62% Recycled Cotton, 22% Recycled Polyester, 15% Nylon, 1% Lycra

Size: Medium (US shoe size - Women 8 - 10 / Men 7 - 9)

Made in the USA


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