Woodland Felt Bunny

Tik Tak

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Woodland Felt Bunny
Woodland Felt Bunny
Woodland Felt Bunny

Our bunnies love to come out to play and catch up with friends. You'll often see them frolicking through the leaves and natter for hours about important bunny things.

Inspired by nature our bunny has become part of the forest itself, with mushrooms, berries, flowers and vines 'growing' out of bunny, and a cute pinecone tail too.

Our bunny is completely hand crafted with 100% NZ wool felt. A beautiful design to enjoy and admire

  • Approx 17cm high
  • Slight variances in size and shape will occur due to the handmade design. This is not a fault but a feature of hand crafted designs and one we cherish and celebrate for its authenticity

Hand crafted - Eco friendly - Ethically made

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