Christmas Advent Calendar

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Christmas Advent Calendar
Christmas Advent Calendar

I've always loved an advent calendar as a lead up to Christmas. We've put a variety of items in ours for our children - love notes, an ornament to add to the tree, an invitation to do something for some one else, and of course treats!

It's been a way for us to talk about things that are important to us, something we've said in their love notes or the invitation to help someone else and to instill those values in them.

We've deliberately printed in black on unbleached cotton, so if you want to then you can use markers with your children to colour the designs in and add your own Christmas flair. Because I know that we don't all decorate our homes in red and green so you can add your own touch and personality here. But also, we love it as it is too!

It's a beautiful statement piece for Christmas and we hope you enjoy using it this season and for many Christmas seasons to come.

Generous sized pockets measure 12cm wide and 13cm high

The Calendar fabric measures 50cm wide and 100cm high, with another 15cm at the top for hanging.


Designed by us in NZ and made for us by our partners in Nepal

100% cotton

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