Hydranger Ranger Seeds

Hydranger Ranger

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Hydranger Ranger Seeds

Folk Garden  Seeds

A colourful and easy to grow collection of wildflower seeds. Perfect for container gardens, berms and garden beds.

Wildflower Garden  Seeds

A mega mix of wonderful wildflower seeds, made to bring joy and colour to you garden or planters. This blend is filled with such beauty, you'll love watching them grow.

Butterfly Garden  Seeds

Attract butterflies to your garden or curbside with this beautiful mix of wildflower seeds. Easy to grow, this colourful mix includes delphinium, dianthus, African daisy and forget me not.

Honey Bee Garden  Seeds

Save the Bees. This wildflower seed mix is blended with bees in mind. With all of their favourite pollens and nectar, these flowers will fill your garden with loveliness.