Kiwi Rhymes For Modern Times

Janet Horwell

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Kiwi Rhymes For Modern Times
Kiwi Rhymes For Modern Times
Kiwi Rhymes For Modern Times
Kiwi Rhymes For Modern Times
Kiwi Rhymes For Modern Times

Relevant rhymes co-created with our tamariki, that might just make you laugh out loud.

A bilingual kids book of old rhymes re-written in English and professionally translated into te reo Māori.

Lost Under The Pointers

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star now shares some tips about what to do if lost in the Kiwi bush.

Bright Bottoms

Singing about a glow-worm’s bright bottom and sharing this beautiful backyard of Aotearoa. Spot the Kiwi?

Scoffing Summer Fruits

Jack and Jill leave their pail of water to scoff berries under the Pōhutukawa tree.

About the author, Janet Horwell

Hello, I’m Janet and welcome to Kiwi Rhymes! 

I’m a new Mumma, a product leader and a collaborator. 

I care a lot about diversity, inclusivity and believe we can solve harder problems when diverse minds come together and collaborate.

My hope is to inspire this belief in my baby, niece, nephews and our tamariki through stories. This isn’t what I saw in traditional kids rhymes and stories - and so, ‘Kiwi rhymes for modern times’ evolved.

I hope that every Kiwi kid feels represented and celebrated in these rhymes, no matter their race, gender, sexuality, size, shape or ability. And together we can share and celebrate the magic spot we get to call home, Aotearoa.

I’ve spent some time living in Melbourne and Berlin, and the beautiful backyard that is Aotearoa is what always called me home. I’ve recently settled in Māpua, with my partner, our baby and what we call our cat-dog (a cat that plays fetch and follows you around). 

I hope this little collaboration brings access to playful Kiwi rhymes that feel relevant, diverse and inclusive for you. Sing, rap, rhyme and laugh with friends and family and celebrate the magic of Aotearoa.

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