Lamberts Luscious | Shaving Soap In Bowl

Lambert's Lucious

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Lamberts Luscious | Shaving Soap In Bowl

Lambert’s Luscious Luxury Moisturising Shaving Soap is the perfect shaving soap for the gentleman who wants the ultimate in shaving luxury, performance, comfort and style. Lasting several months, these shaving soaps offer great value.

‘Buccaneer’ fragrance evokes the spirit of the old world, with traditional Bay Rum. A shaving soap that is fresh, traditional and undeniably suave.

Available in a handmade ceramic bowl, gift tin or ceramic bowl refill.

GE free and sustainable natural products combine to give this soap an abundant lather and terrific shaveability.

Organic, fair trade and GE free.

The Buccaneer fragrance evokes a spirit of the old world with a product that is fresh, modern and undeniably suave.


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