Twin Circle Weaving Kit

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Twin Circle Weaving Kit
Twin Circle Weaving Kit
Twin Circle Weaving Kit
Twin Circle Weaving Kit
Twin Circle Weaving Kit
Everything you need to start circle weaving and making your own beautiful decorations. 

Why not weave some little 'flowers' to pin onto your favourite, coat, bag, beanie/hat or as a gift for a friend. 

The kit includes the following items:

-A Mini and a Tiny Twill Textile Design Circle loom/frame (which measure almost 9cm in diameter and 6cm respectively) Both are perfect for on-the-go crafting and can be used over and over again. These have been laser cut to our own specifications here in New Zealand and are made of 100% renewable bamboo-ply.
- Some fine NZ merino 'warp' threads to set up the loom.
- A variety of colourful 'weft' yarns for weaving with. (you can of course raid your own yarn stash too)
- A round ended tapestry needle,some safety pins and printed instructions. (you will just need to find some scissors)

This is a great weaving activity for anyone aged about 9 to 99 and it's perfect for using up odds and ends of yarn that you may have. 

Video tutorials and downloadable instructions are available here:

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